2022 Floods at Hart Field

The floods this year weren’t as high as last year, but was a double bunger as it flooded the receded and flooded again just after items from the container were removed to dry. It returned so quickly that it was under water again before some of the items were replaced in the container.

Our last remaining large picnic table has disappeared 🙁

A drone shot showing the shed roof emerging as the water recedesThe Gate from our only operating camera

2021 Floods at Hart Field

The floods this year have been more devastating than the 2019 floods and the field was possibly 5 metres under water. It was above the flagpoles and to the base of the security cameras. The only missing piece of equipment so far is the water tank. The security light in the covered area is water damaged and will need repairing/replacement. The Weather station was out of the water but the communications drivers were submerged and not functioning.

Saturday 20th March 2021

Sunday 21st March 2021

Wednesday 23rd March 2021

Thursday 25th March 2021

PEMAC Weather Station

The club has recently purchased a 4g based weather station that will be installed on our security tower in the coming weeks. This also will act as a WIFI hub so the club has the option to install additional security features in the future. Access to real time weather station data will be via a simple hyperlink available on the clubs website. Daryll Lundie has kindly volunteered his time and efforts into getting this project up an running and continues to be our security and technologies go to guy. Thanks Daryll for your continued efforts. It is greatly appreciated.

To access the station use the following link:-

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