Are you thinking of getting into radio control model flying? Joining a club is the best place to start. At PEMAC we can advise you how to get started in the hobby and we have instructors to teach you how to fly. PEMAC is also one of the most affordable model aircraft clubs in Australia. Your membership fees will entitle you to access Hart Field all year round. Our current choice of member insurance is provided by the Australian Miniature Aerosport Society (AMAS).

Joining Fee (One off payment – Senior members only) $100.00

Full Senior – (Over 18-64 years old) $100

Senior – (Over 64 years old) $75

Junior – (Under 18 years old) $0

AMAS membership is provided directly through the AMAS website:

Please direct all membership inquiries to our Secretary Ian at [email protected]


Learning to fly model aircraft

If you are interested in learning to fly radio controlled aircraft, then joining a club like PEMAC is the best place to start. You will not only have access to instructors but you will receive the best advice on what first model and equipment to buy. Indeed our first advice to the newcomer is to hold off buying anything until you pay us a visit first.

How long it actually takes to learn to fly a model aircraft really depends on the student but generally between 6 – 12 weeks is the norm. The process can be accelerated with the use of computer simulators which serve to re-inforce the actual hands on flying at the club field.

Student pilots work towards achieving their solo endorsement and may proudly wear their AMAS silver wings on successful completion of their training.

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