Please note: COVID-19

Please use the QR code to log in when attending the field.

Given the current situation, it’s very important and very clear to your committee that we need to keep our membership safe and virus free as much as we can.

As previously noted, the committee’s interpretation of PEMAC is that we are a community sporting organisation and as such, we are subject to the applicable NSW public health gathering limits which currently stands at 500.

The main key points for a successful reopening;

  • The Club is open.
  • If you are unwell or have any flu like symptoms please STAY HOME.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser or hand wash. The club cannot guarantee there will any available when you are there.
  • Social Distancing needs to be self enforced (I understand how easy it is to simply shake hands, hug and kiss your fellow members but please stay safe.)

Warbirds over the River 17th and 18th April

has been cancelled due to the flood damage to the field πŸ™

Watch this space, or our Facebook page for more details

Previous Events

Barbecue – First Sunday of the month


Time – 8am

Free BBQ for lunch for members

See you there members and guest welcome!

Generally the first Sunday of the month means we will drag out the BBQ and cook up a storm for lunch. Be there for some great gourmet rolls and sandwiches and a great array of fine beverages. πŸ˜‰

Check out our previous events

Previous Events

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