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Andrew Hoysted

Vice President

Andrew has a garage full of models of varying sizes and has some great scale models. He has been a committee member for several past years.

Steve Neil


Steve is a founding member of the club and an avid aero-modeller. He particulalry loves warbirds of any period and never misses a chance for flight in a full size aircraft when he can. Steve is also a keen photographer and many of the pictures on our website have been the result of his work.

Bill Kantares


Bill has been in aero-modelling for several years now and appreciates that the hobby offers a lot more than just flying model aircraft. He brings significant management experience to the committee and is already working on projects to benefit the club.

Brendan Marshall


Brendan been into aviation since the age of 13 when he first got into RC planes. He also holds the MAAA instructor rating so a good help for new flyers. He is a current serving member of the Australian Defence Force.

Daryll Lundie

Social Committee Member - Non Voting

Darryl has volunteered to organise the barbeque days only

    Shane Walker

    Committee Member - Voting

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